Cotton Drips Egyptian Blood. Eh Egipto Madre del Mundo

Oh Egypt, the Mother of the World, your white soft cotton turned red. Your white cotton is soaked in your people’s blood.
Oh Egypt, Our fathers taught us to feed others before thinking of our hunger and to give not thinking of taking. Why things changed now?

Curfew failed to secure Egypt. Egypt was safe without it.

I never was convinced to elect Morsi. I think many of his decisions were doctoral, yet, NO EXUSE FOR SHEDDING BLOOD.

Exacerbating an issue, creating more violence, and more doctoral decisions is not going to solve problems.


Our Lady Of Mercy. Our Lady Mary.

2000 years ago a woman could be stoned for committing adultery. Our Lady Mariam was a very young girl in age but she was the great educator for all humans. Stop stoning. She came back from the eastern side to her people holding evidence of a crime. She challenged the world. She is innocent. Man is not equal to a woman like Our Lady Mary. Millions of men are nothing compared to Our Lady Mary.

Must Know Secret to Smarty Human Rights Advocates.

Why many victims of terrorism Sharia Law resist any help from Human Rights affiliated organizations?

Have you ever asked yourself why an oppressed women elect Islamists under their own will?

The Failure will continue if we keep using a the same language.

You Must understand their minds