Islam Isn’t Phenomena

ImageThis blog is only for open minded people.

Al-Islam is a standing religion for  the past 1500 years. Getting excited when hearing the stereotype of the media about Islam makes you look like a fool. So, please calm down before reading.

Al-Islam is the faith of 25% of the world’s population. The majority of our globe have no negative opinions about the ordinary Muslim.
Go ahead,deal with it!

This blog isn’t to defend Al-Islam.

I’ll diagnose mistakes behind the world’s repeated failure to be prevented from aggressions that some Muslims committed against us, humans, then simple solutions.

Simplicity is the way to solve violence not sophisticated conferences or using modern technology in strategic plans.

These beasts violate the religion of peace in the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate. They might attack their beloveds or commit suicidal attacks besides they leave negative feelings among us.

 The majority of these terrorists’ victims are Muslims, yet, some Non-Muslims ignorantly blame Al-Islam as the reason behind the violence and aggressions.
Kings, queens, presidents, rich and those who starve are Muslims. They ask God to defend them. Nobody or a blog is able to defend Al-Islam. This blog is to defend our safety and our human rights.

First Diagnose  
1-Diagnosing It Wrong
Al-Islam is a religion of peace. If you believe criminals and murderers when telling you “We are good Muslims”, that means you are dumb.That does not mean that Al-Islam is a bloody religion.
Second Diagnose
2-Correcting Mistake by another Mistake
War against terrorism caused innocent victims and was an excuse to deceive Muslims to join these terrorist groups. We don’t fight violence. Where is the violence to be found? We can eradicate violence from minds not fight it.

Third Diagnose

3-Being Offensive

Muslim and Non-Muslims who repeat saying Islamic terrorist groups or they call these movements “Islamists” are a huge help to these criminals, why? Because calling them “Islamists” recognition of their offense as Islamic; and it is not. Moreover, you are provoking the mainstream Muslims. It is offensive to say such something like “Islamic Drug Smuggling” or “Islamic Misinforming IRS” just because some Muslims do it then they say, “We Are Religious”.

Refuting the humanity offenders’ claims” from Al-Quran is in a solid curriculum and its results are spectacular.  Contact me for information.



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