What’s Al-Taqwa in Ramadan التقوى في رمضان

What is { Al-Tqwa} piety?

ما هي التقوى؟

Tqwa from Koran

What’s Al-Taqwa in Ramadan التقوى في رمضان, Ramadan Krim

جاء في تنزيل الروح القدس على محمد النبي الأمي {ص}

“عَلَّمَهُ شَدِيدُ الْقُوَى”

According to what the Holy Spirit sent down to the illiterate Prophet Muhammad {S}

“Taught him the Knowing very strong”

The word taqwa Allah is the strength of God that we seek.

God isn’t against Adam’s offspring. God is Good.

God is helping
كلمة تقوى ذكرت عديدا في القران.
استقوت البنت على وسوسة جارها بالله و تعففت
تقوي الشاب بعد تمرينات الكاراتيه
و يشرح سيدنا علي التقوي بالله عن طريق
العمل بالتنزيل و الإستعداد ليوم الرحيل و الخوف من الجليل. و لا حاجة لذكر دعائه أن يقوي فالكل يعلم أنه لا حول و لا قوة إلى بالله



Islam Isn’t Phenomena

ImageThis blog is only for open minded people.

Al-Islam is a standing religion for  the past 1500 years. Getting excited when hearing the stereotype of the media about Islam makes you look like a fool. So, please calm down before reading.

Al-Islam is the faith of 25% of the world’s population. The majority of our globe have no negative opinions about the ordinary Muslim.
Go ahead,deal with it!

This blog isn’t to defend Al-Islam.

I’ll diagnose mistakes behind the world’s repeated failure to be prevented from aggressions that some Muslims committed against us, humans, then simple solutions.

Simplicity is the way to solve violence not sophisticated conferences or using modern technology in strategic plans.

These beasts violate the religion of peace in the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate. They might attack their beloveds or commit suicidal attacks besides they leave negative feelings among us.

 The majority of these terrorists’ victims are Muslims, yet, some Non-Muslims ignorantly blame Al-Islam as the reason behind the violence and aggressions.
Kings, queens, presidents, rich and those who starve are Muslims. They ask God to defend them. Nobody or a blog is able to defend Al-Islam. This blog is to defend our safety and our human rights.

First Diagnose  
1-Diagnosing It Wrong
Al-Islam is a religion of peace. If you believe criminals and murderers when telling you “We are good Muslims”, that means you are dumb.That does not mean that Al-Islam is a bloody religion.
Second Diagnose
2-Correcting Mistake by another Mistake
War against terrorism caused innocent victims and was an excuse to deceive Muslims to join these terrorist groups. We don’t fight violence. Where is the violence to be found? We can eradicate violence from minds not fight it.

Third Diagnose

3-Being Offensive

Muslim and Non-Muslims who repeat saying Islamic terrorist groups or they call these movements “Islamists” are a huge help to these criminals, why? Because calling them “Islamists” recognition of their offense as Islamic; and it is not. Moreover, you are provoking the mainstream Muslims. It is offensive to say such something like “Islamic Drug Smuggling” or “Islamic Misinforming IRS” just because some Muslims do it then they say, “We Are Religious”.

Refuting the humanity offenders’ claims” from Al-Quran is in a solid curriculum and its results are spectacular.  Contact me for information.


How We, Muslims, Violate Our Human Rights

God Is Biggerالله أكبر Allah Akbr

Muslims are obligated to pray 5 times a day, yet, sometimes our acts violate these prayer.

Let’s simply go over the mandatory parts in the prayers

If the prayer is in a group whoever leads the prayer says (estaoo sedo alfraj استوا. سدوا الفرج  = aline or be equal close the gaps)

1-Muslims have to lineup: One’s right shoulder and foot are near one’s left shoulder and feet.
No social classes permitted. One arrives early, s/he prays in the front. One arrives late, s/he forbidden to step over anyone shoulder to be in the front.
Muslims face Mecca if possible declaring, “God is Bigger”. He is Bigger than anything. He created everything. Everything is His.
All Muslims are lineup equally declaring that none of them has any authority over the other. The leader of the prayer is the host of his guests regardless.
If not confident enough before any work interview some Muslims might say, "God is Bigger". It is a reminder that they'll meet a human.In  other challenges, they do the same.

If not confident enough before any work interview some Muslims might say, “God is Bigger”. It is a reminder that they’ll meet a human.In other challenges, they do the same.

The Leader or an individual starts the prayer saying “God is Bigger”
2-Muslims recite the words of God from Al-Quran that starts with “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate/the Beneficent.
All chapters in Al-Quran start with "In the Name of God the

All chapters in Al-Quran start with “In the Name of God the Beneficent, the Merciful” but one chapter

3-Muslims praise the creator who created the new world, the old world and everybody’s own world….easy?
Animal. plants and human world

Worlds means Animal kingdom. plants and human world

4-Although God’s Name is the Merciful, the Beneficent but in the first moment in the prayer we mention that’s what He does as well. yea? 
الرحمن الرحيم
5-Muslims declare that the judgment is not their job by reciting the following verse from Al-Quran.
People aren't allowed to associate themselves with God by judging one another

People aren’t allowed to associate themselves with God by judging one another.

6-All Muslims admit they are empowered by God and they worship Him only.
We Worship and ask help from You
7-Scholars can’t decide for God what path He wants for His worshippers. He says that He wants the ease.
إهدنا الصراط المستقيم Guid us to the right path
8-Muslims believe if they don’t follow His way, they are lost.

آمين   Amen

The Movements

9-Declaration after reciting the previous verses by saying, “God id Bigger” then they kneel praising His mercy.
God hears this who praises Him

God hears this who praises Him

10-stand up and He is watching and listening
11-On the floor while nose and forehead is touching the ground praising Him again.
Repeating all above is a must early in the morning. So basically you get up in the dawn time to kneel and declare equality and kneel to the Lord of the mercy twice.
In the afternoon while much work and conflict ions are around, you need to do this 4 times \
Then 4 times at dusk
Sunset 3 times
Night time 4 times so you go to bed not forgetting all above.
Subtotal of your prays is
17 times kneeling x 2 times saying “The Merciful, The Beneficent”= 32 times a day.
Salaam, did we learn anything from what God made it obligatory?
According to what we repeat 17 times a day, do you think The Merciful might accept any violence act or behave with His creature?
Do you think the Lord would accept any association with Him to judge people?
If you are Muslim you know that Muhammad was illiterate. Scholars have no authority or privilege over you. Stop reforming Islam. Islam is peaceful. Reforms created violence phenomena and terrorism against what God loves.
This YouTube might clarify more!
Is it time to regain our divine human rights and equality?

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