I Trust Mama’s News More than American’s or Egyptian’s Media or Leaders

        There Will Be More Blood in Egypt. Do You Trust the Islamists Leaders to The Oppositions? 

Mama is fundamentalist. She is so religious. She knows the future. I learned from her how to see the unseen. Long ago, she warned me not to listen to Mubarak or Muhammad Morsi. She knew that they would not be successful   She knows the future and everything in the world. She reads me and others by a look. I will tell you about the wisdom of the religion that I learned from her so you can see the unseen.


When I was seven years old, I was watching the neighbors from behind the shutter of the balcony in my parents’ room.

 Mom entered her room and asked, “What are you doing there, Ibrahim?”

 I smirked, “Watching Aunt Amina”

Mama said, “ekhs, you are spying and invading the privacy of our neighbors” …”Don’t smile! Good guys don’t spy, don’t lie and don’t talk bad about others”.. “God doesn’t like that and we don’t trust anyone who does that. We have to treat others as we like them to treat us.


I remember Mama every time I hear a stranger on the TV talking bad about others. ُThe Hassan Al-banna Party calls themselves “The Muslim Brethren”. They don’t consider Mama or me members of their group although Mama is better than their president. Morsi called millions of people “SONS OF MONKEYS AND SWINE’. He doesn’t deliver his promises.


This is the foundation that Mama built; this is the foundation I stand on. 


I go online, stare at the view with a glance of the beautiful or handsome show host. I lower the sound, hear what the strangers are saying. 


Mama said, “Ibrahim, don’t take anything from a stranger unless you’re sure it won’t be dangerous”


Morsi and Bashar Al-Assad say, “We defend our great nation. We will never enable the traitors of the U.S. to control our country. We sacrifice our blood for our immaculate lands. Our oath is based on the peace of Islam. God Bless Our Country. In God We Trust”.


The above is all I hear from three hours of  speech. I look again at millions of protestors in squares to find it impossible for Obama to pay all these traitors. Besides, the protestors say that Morsi got paid directly from Mrs. Clinton when she visited Egypt. 


When I hear and see both, I turn off all media devices because they talk badly. They are not standing on the same foundation that My motherland, Egypt, or my adopted U.S. teaches.


I keep teaching the fundamentals and the ten commandments that grant my human rights and the rights of others. 


Mama says, “Standing after a protest on the street and snapping pictures with the flag isn’t useful. Be good!”. 


Educating Americans  and Middle Easterners about Fundamentals of the Egyptian Culture is my position. To enlighten minds and enable people to examine what the media and politicians say that cause misconceptions is my quest.


Yes, Mama! I will also bridge the gap, yet, forgive me if I ever sinned.    


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