Don’t be Offensive. Talk Politics and Religion. For the Victims of Boston.

Terrorists, in Prophet’s Costume, Calling Themselves Mujahed for Allah Are No

Don’t Read This If You Are Ignorant or Willing to Twist Meanings because you heard interpretation 

Nothing in this article is interpreted or my understanding. I will be glad if you correct any mistranslation or mistake

It is not offensive to talk about religion or politics. It is offensive to be ignorant or to be afraid of terrorists. Visiting the 9/11 memorial and buying three $10 calendars for the price of two isn’t patriotic. Hanging the American Flag on your door will not stop terrorist attacks. A possible danger near your beloveds and yourself while driving drunk staring at the glorious sign “Never Fo are the most offensive.

Capturing Osama Benladen didn’t prevent the Boston Marathon Attack from happening. You have to ask yourself how Islam controls millions of Muslims’ minds. You need to know why presidents, artists and inventors are proud of following an illiterate man; his name is Mohamed. Do you know the secret that made oppressed Muslim women ? vote for Islamists in the Arab Spring. What about gay and lesbians who are arrested for their sexuality, yet, they are proud Muslims? I will try to give an answer.

Boston Marathon Bombing divided most united Americans’ opinion about this issue into three groups:

1- Muslim Americans friends assuring that they are on the side of victims, not the terrorists.

2-Partial knowers trust only one source of knowledge and reject the first group

3- Third party doesn’t know and confused.

Determine what party is yours after reading about the epic hero of Muslims.

For the past fourteen centuries, millions of educated people have followed an illiterate man others are fascinated with. Mohamed’s father died soon after getting married leaving his wife to raise a new born baby in the desert of Mecca until she died when he was six. His grandfather took care of the orphan until he became eight. After the death of the grandfather when Mohamed was eight, his uncle became his guardian. The orphan became a shepherd. He got a chance to be on a trip to Syria with a trade caravan. Mohamed’s school wasn’t limited by walls or a tent. It was everything around and the teacher is everyone. He became a famous salesman, then CEO to a business woman who will be later his wife. His wife was an educated wealthy woman and his first follower. Then most slaves became his followers. Nowadays, all Muslims want claim the honor  to be a good follower of Mohamed.

At the age of forty, the first word revealed to Mohamed from The Lord was “Read”. The word is general not exclusive. Mohamed didn’t know how to read at the time of the revelation, yet, he was a good reader to everything in the universe.

Mohamed was rejected from the leaders of Mecca because he was preaching equality. He did jihad to save lives of newborn girls who used to be killed for financial reason like in China these days. He didn’t have the power to free slaves but say they are equal. When Mohamed’s wife died, he inherited her slave Zaid. He announced the adoption of Zaid and gave him his legal name Zaid BenMohamed. The Lord revealed verses saying this is unfamiliar and falsifying. If you free a human, he doesn’t owe you anything. He has no ties to you. Call them their names. When the Roman governor of Egypt sent to Mohamed two Egyptian sisters as a gift, he freed both. Later he got married to one of them, her name is Maria The Coptic, the mother of his son Ibrahim. Comparison between a Roman who enslaved Egyptians and a prophet made one of them a free wife and a legal mother of his son, Egyptians became his followers.

The first thirteen years in Mecca, Fatima, his daughter, cleaned animal feces thrown on her father’s head. When slaves were tortured, he walked around them saying “Patience! You are promised the paradise”. The first slain was an unarmed woman. Her name is Somia. Mohamad escaped ignorants  who were chasing after him; he raised his hand saying, “Oh God, I complain to you of my weakness and helplessness. Indeed, if you are not upset at me, I don’t care, yet your mercy is wide to contain me.

A delegation of 13 men and women came from Medina to inaugurate him. A year after 74 men and women from Medina inaugurated him as well.

During the first thirteen years after revealing Al-Quran Mohamed’s followers exerted their effort to defend equality and human rights with the sharpest and only sword they had was a verse saying, “Indeed God commands Justice charity and connecting to relatives, and forbids extreme, weirdness and greed”

To be continued …